Melody Bear
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Photo of Melody Bear dressed as a mermaid
Fun Page 2

It’s great fun to dress up and dance with Melody Bear.  

Try moving like a mermaid. You can sit on a rock and pretend to brush your hair. Then mime collecting shells to make a necklace.

Photo of Melody Bear cheerleading

Try a cheerleader dance. Make your own pom-poms out of paper.  Shake them high and low, and round

and round.  Melody Bear likes to shout out

M E L O D Y   B E A R!

Melody Bear pretends to be an Eastern princess. She is making a journey on a magic carpet.  Why not sit on a rug and imagine you are flying through the clouds. Where will your magic carpet take you?

Mermaid dance
Cheerleading song
Photo of Melody Bear in her Eastern delights costume
Eastern delights